Friday, April 15, 2016

Playing Card Carousel Becomes Thread Holder

I found another find at the thrift store. I didn't know what it was when I picked it up. It said it was a playing card carousel, but I wasn't sure how it was used. I looked it up online later and those pegs hold the cards in place when playing and there is Lazy Susan on the bottom to turn it, but it really doesn't turn very well. One of the pegs was broken off, so if I can find a small enough peg to fit I will add it in the hole. When I saw it I thought it would make a great thread holder. I bought it for $2.99.

Thread spools fit perfectly on here and there is space to add a pincushion and a thread catcher and scissors too.

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  1. Great thrifting, Daryl! (I can't hope to outdo your "finds"!) I must say I don't see much of a need for the original purpose of this item, but it now is an interesting organizing tool. It would make great wall art if you mounted it, although then the pin cushion and scissors wouldn't have a home...

  2. The playing card idea sure has me wondering how it works. I'll be off to look up pictures of it in use. It does make quite an interesting display for thread. With the bonus of room for whatever else you can dream up.

  3. How fun you used your eyes in different sight and saw a thread holder. Very clever of you dear.

  4. I love your upcycle and savers find. I enjoying using items that I repurpose it makes me smile to look at them. Good job on figuring out what to do with this card holder. I think it works much better with spools than it would work with cards.


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