Thursday, April 7, 2016

Iced Drink Knit Cozies

I wanted to knit something that uses up small amounts of yarn since I have so many misc. balls of yarn. I found a pattern from one of those old knitting calendars that has a pattern to knit every day of the year. The cozy uses sport weight yarn. I knit one and then tried it on a drinking glass and it fit perfectly! I love how the knitting pattern feels nice in my hand. Those ridges are a nice place for my fingers to grab. These cozies are great because they are like a coaster and cozy in one, since the bottom is knit. It keeps the sweat from the iced drink from getting on your hands and table and it's a great thing to knit with my small amounts of yarn. It also fit nicely on a canning style jar too.  Here is the link for the free pattern.
This was the first cozy I knit. It is a wool or wool blend (unmarked) yarn.

The bottom of the cozy.

The yellow yarn is an acrylic mohair like yarn. I thought I might run out of yarn and so I added some pink yarn toward the bottom. I went back to the rest of the yellow for the bottom of the cozy and had just enough of the yellow to complete this cozy. That's one ball of yarn used up.

Another unmarked ball of yarn, but it feels like it's cotton. 

Bottom of cozy.

Same green cozy as above, but this is now on a jar and it covers most of the jar.

Same yellow cozy on a jar.

Same brown cozy on a jar.

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  1. I see Daryl that like me you enjoy as well knitting! Those cozies are very sweet!

  2. Well isn't this a clever and useful thing. It would keep the moisture from dripping onto your clothing as well. That's what always irritates me about those nice cold drinks in the summer. And that's why I like a cozy wrapped around my drink.

  3. your works bring back old memories, Daryl. When I was 12 I learned knitting and crocheting from a teacher. I was so into it and knitted all kind of things - socks for my little brother, headband for my sisters, etc. I knitted like 24/7 ..haha. Then other commitments came in and I forgot about it all. I did not touch the knitting needles for years now...I wonder if I still have the skill.

  4. These cosies must be great, as you say, for the warm days when we favor cold drinks. Does the glass tend to sway because of the bottom decrease motifs? I may make a few as I too have many scrap yarn.
    Thank you for participating to my Fabric, Thread and Yarn link party. Have a good day!

  5. Knit cozies for this iced Summer drinks will keep our hands warm and our surroundings nice and dry. Great knitting fun...

  6. Now this is way too cool. Pun intended. A great use for those leftovers and the pattern is really neat. I can see gift ideas here with the jar. Just think of all the neat things you could put in the jar.

  7. A great way to use up left over wool.


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