Sunday, March 23, 2014

My 6-Year Blog Anniversary Winners are...

Before I announce the winners of my giveaway, I would like to thank all of you who follow my blog. I really appreciate it.

When I announced my giveaway, I asked if you wanted a handmade wallet with a choice of 3 colors (blue, brown or green) or a pdf pattern from my Craftsy Store. It was interesting to see that the brown wallet was the most popular of all, not just of the wallets, but even over the pdf pattern too. The blue wallet came in second in wallet color popularity, while the green wallet wasn't that popular. Was it the green color or print that wasn't liked? Or that most of you just prefer a neutral color in wallets? If you would like to purchase the green wallet, it's now for sale in my Zibbet Store.

I wasn't going to make the wallets until after I chose the 2 winners, after all maybe the winners that were chosen might have wanted a pdf pattern instead of a wallet. But I decided to make the wallets in advance after all. So here are the photos of the wallets that I made, as well as a wallet that I made for a friend as well.
Here are 2 wallets. The one on the left I made for a friend and the one on the right was the green wallet that is now for sale in my Zibbet Store.  I couldn't resist taking a photo in front of these daffodils!
The 2 most popular wallets colors were the brown and the blue wallets here.
The 4 wallets I made.
Wallet for a friend.
Wallet for a friend.
The green wallet. For sale in my Zibbet Store.
Inside the green wallet.
The blue wallet.
Inside the blue wallet.
The popular brown wallet.
Inside the brown wallet.
Okay and now for the winners. I used this random number generator to choose the winners. I like using this one because it's like going to a casino, lol.
The 2 winners are: lucky # 11: Tara won the brown wallet, and lucky # 46: Sherry won the blue wallet. Congratulations ladies. I have already emailed you both. I am so happy that the winners didn't want the same wallet. So it really worked out great! Enjoy your wallets.
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  1. Hi!!! Congrats to the winners!!!! Thank You for all the fun!!!! I usually don't go for neutral colors but that brown is just eye catching!!!!

  2. Your wallets came out great! Congrats to the winners and again to you Daryl for six years of blogging!!!

  3. Congratulations to the lucky winners. I love how you've quilted your wallets. All the colours are lovely it's just a matter of taste. Most of my customers like brown and neutral coloured bags but when it comes to wallets they love all sorts of lovely bright colours.

  4. Daryl Dear thank you sew very much! I am thrilled to win your bluetiful blue wallet. Congratulations of 6 years of blogging and sharing your creations with us. Everything you sew and knit and create is amazing. I have emailed you my address. Thank you beyond words. Creative Stitching Bliss...

  5. Congrat's to the winners. I really like all the wallets. You do a very nice job. Have a happy day!

  6. Lucky winners! I liked all of your wallets but the brown fabric appealed to me more. Maybe it seems more contemporary. I'm not much for floral fabric. I live in Amish land and that's all you see around here.

    Continue posting please, for, let's see, six + more years.

  7. I WON!!!! I'm so excited I LOVE this wallet and I am not surprised its so popular. The design is simple and functional but the layers of colors really make it fun to use. it takes the sting out of having to pay for something because its so adorable. I love your blog and you are so generous to celebrate by treating your loyal fans. thank you so much.

  8. Congratulations to your winners! How exciting for them. The wallets are all really awesome.
    To Another 6 years.


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