Monday, March 24, 2014

Batik Fabric Knit Rug

I was going to show you what was on my needles and then show you the finished rug later. But I happened to finish knitting the rug before I loaded my photos, so I have photos of it on my needles and the finished rug too.
Here is my rug in progress.
I love the vibrant colors of batik fabrics.
The ball of batik fabric yarn.
The finished rug for our bathroom.

I  made the yarn without any idea how this rug would turn out. I see there is a lot of orange and the blues and greens were mostly on one side of the rug. 

Pretty cool that I could turn a ton of fabric batik 1/2-inch strips into a rug, huh? All of this was created from scraps of batik fabrics. No yardage was harmed in the making of this rug, lol!!!!
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  1. This is so pretty and a great use of little strips. I'll bet it's comfy on your feet too. Great job.... as usual!

  2. Great use of scraps, very pretty with all the batik fabric scraps. What size needle did you use?

  3. That is a wonderful rug! The colors are so vibrant and it will be perfect for a bathroom.

  4. you are the queen of color. your rug is so festive, I love it. It looks like a fun project to make, it has that perfect combination of large needles and great colors so you can see it grow quickly and its fun to watch.
    You know how some projects that you're working on take a while before you see where your going with it. this one looks good from the beginning.
    great job

  5. That is definitely quite the colorful rug. And too much work to allow anyone to step on it....besides you! I'll bet it's fun to watch how the fabric colors play out.

  6. I love the look of the bags and rug you have done this way. I just can't imagine the time and patience involved in cutting the strips and tieing them to create the skein of "yarn".

  7. I remember you making the 1/2 inch batik strips and thinking how long it was taking. Now look at you! Several bags and a rug later you have knitted them in record time. I love the look of this rug. That is the fun of random. Creative Knitting Bliss Dear...

  8. WOW! I sure do LOVE the mix of all the colors Daryl:) Fabulous job!!

  9. It`s just beautiful and colorful.Have a fun week!

  10. Pretty cool. I had never heard of knitting a rug. Nice


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