Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Lady of the Lake Cardigan

I finished knitting this cardigan last month, but have been so busy that I hadn't even taken a photo of until yesterday. I have worn this cardigan a few times already and I love it. The pattern is from Fleece Artist,  called Lady of the Lake Cardigan and it's a free pattern on Ravelry. It uses 2 yarns and is knit in a fun and different way. You use a circular needle and knit in rows (not in the round). You knit with yarn 1 and when you get to the end of the row, you slide your needle back to the beginning and then knit 1, purl 1 with yarn 2 to the end of the row. Then you turn your work and repeat knitting this way throughout the pattern. It creates a reversible knit pattern. I chose a royal purple yarn and a sort of mauve color yarn that had slubs of pink in the yarn. I wasn't sure how these two yarns would look together knit up, so I knit a swatch and I liked the look. I knit 3/4 length sleeves rather than full long sleeves.
Photographing purple is difficult because it never photographs in the true color. The colors here are a bit darker than the actual cardigan is in person.
You can see in this close-up the colors are different than the other photos. This photo is too light and the others are too dark. The shawl closure I bought at Hobby Lobby. It's made out of metal, but they also had some colored ones that were made out of some lighter type of  material (wood?).
This is the back view of the cardigan.
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  1. Hi!!!! Very pretty!!!! I prefer 3/4 sleeves!!!

  2. I love this purple and it looks so cozy! I have a high appreciate it's length.

  3. Really nice Daryl, and I love the colors! Of course, I had to go over and get the pattern :)

  4. What a cute sweater. Really neT closure.

  5. Such a beautiful sweater in fun colors for Winter/Spring. The closure is unique and fun too. I can see why you are enjoying wearing your latest knitted creation. Creative Knitted Bliss Dear...

  6. Beautiful colour and looks so warm and cozy too. I did some crochet today but I can assure you it was nothing like what you make.

  7. Sweater is gorgeous, I like the colors too. Looks like a great pattern.

  8. I love this sweater and the 3/4 length sleeves are very practical and look good. the color will be stunning on you and I love the look of the sweater. you chose a nice way to close the top of the sweater with your swirly pin. great job

  9. WOW! it looks beautiful in that color Daryl:) I'm sure it's warm and cozy for the cold weather huh? I also like the closure a neat one:) Have a wonderful weekend.


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