Monday, May 6, 2013

Batik Hearts Quilt

Patchouli Moon Studio
I have completed the pdf for the Batik Hearts Quilt. I asked if you wanted a sew-along or a pdf and the majority who responded wanted a pdf, so I now have the pdf in my Craftsy Store

I sent you all an email (those who responded to my posting that is) and there is a little something waiting for you in your inbox to show my appreciation.

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  1. Thanks for the gift Daryl. Great way to start the morning.

  2. It's a beautiful quilt Daryl - great job!!! Love all the color and of course the hearts are a special touch!

  3. Hello Daryl:) I'm sorry I've been MIA but work has been pretty crazy. I hope you are doing well and are ready to get spoiled for Mother's Day:) Your quilt is beautiful and your I'm sure the ladies will love the PDF file:) Thank you for stopping by today!!


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