Friday, May 3, 2013

Batik Hearts Quilt: Sew-Along or pdf Update~

After asking about whether a pdf download or a Sew-Along was preferred for making the Batik Hearts Quilt, (see posting below this one) it appears that most of you who responded preferred the pdf as many stated that you were too busy for a sew-along right now or preferred to sew on your own time frame. This is understandable, however I have never created a sew-along before and I thought it might be easier for everyone to sew along if I were to give a step once or twice a week.

I am still working on creating the pdf for this quilt, but can I ask you a question about a Sew-Along? Since I have not created a Sew-Along before on my blog and I have only participated in one Sew-Along from another blog, I would like to know from those who have participated in a Sew-Along before or who would like to participate in a Sew-Along, how often would you like each step posted? Once a week? Twice a week? Or? This will help me understand better how to create a Sew-Along in the future. I don't want to throw too much at someone all at once, but I also want to know how much time would you devote per day or week to sewing along? Thank you for your input in advance; it's so appreciated!
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  1. I've never taken part in a quilt sew along so would find it difficult to say how often a week I could devote to it but maybe twice a week would be fine. If I had free time this would be a good option for me because it's so much more fun sewing along with others and I'd stand a better chance of finishing it.

  2. I think once a week would be good. More often than that and I think a lot of people might fall behind rather quickly.


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