Thursday, August 2, 2012

Christmas Blog Hop Thank You & No-Reply Bloggers

First, I want to thank all of you who stopped by and paid me a visit on the Christmas Blog Hop. I so appreciated all the lovely and sweet comments. I want to welcome all of the new followers to my blog and I hope you will  continue to enjoy what I share with you. I want to thank all of my loyal followers who have been following me for a while because you are all wonderful. Of course this hop wouldn't have happened without Madame Samm and Lesley the Cuddle Quilter. Thanks ladies. It felt like Christmas just meeting so many new people who stopped by and those who left comments. Wow it was almost like opening presents!

Now I also wanted to address an issue about No-Reply Bloggers. I have seen this so many times in blog land, but perhaps you are new to visiting blogs or blogging on your own blog? So let me mention it (you'll hear this all over blog land), if you are a no-reply blogger and you make a comment, especially hoping to win a giveaway, you will never win. Why? Because you are no-reply and that means there is no way to reply (email/respond) to you.  Since blogging is about sharing information, whether we are talking about quilting, knitting, crafting, computers, etc., I thought I would share with you about no-reply bloggers and what it means.
  • If you comment as anonymous you are ALWAYS a no-reply. So if you comment as anonymous when you are hoping to win a giveaway then you must include your email address in the comment section and a first name is nice too. Please, please double check that you wrote down your email address correctly. We all make typos when we email, comment, etc. but when it comes to your email address a typo just won't do! Otherwise it will bounce back and you still cannot be contacted.
  • Just because you signed up with blogger, that does not mean that you aren't a no-reply blogger. Not sure? Please check your profile and see if you have an email address listed. Blogger defaults to no-reply, so if you never entered an email address when setting up your blogger account, then you are a no-reply blogger. You must also check the box that says to show your email.
  • Go to the dashboard on blogger and then to edit profile. Add your email address there. Make sure you save your changes.  That's it.
  • If you made a comment on my Christmas Blog Hop & giveaway day (Wednesday, August 1) and did not receive a reply from me, then you are probably a no-reply blogger.
  • I reply to all comments that I receive, unless you are a no-reply and I have no email address for you.
  • If you did not receive a reply from me (it may take a day for me to respond, depending on when you made the comment and when I was online), then please email me if you really want a chance at winning the angel block, so that I will have your email in case you are chosen.
  • Go to your blogger profile and add your email address so you are no longer a no-reply blogger and check the box tat says to show your email. Even if you do not win my drawing, there will be other drawings you wish to enter (probably have already entered some on this blog hop) and you cannot win if you cannot be contacted.
  • Here are 2 great tutorials how to do this: from Pleasant Home and from Sullivan and Murphy
I hope this helps you. Email me if you need more help. Now enjoy the rest of the hop. I will choose the winner of the angel block by Monday morning. Good luck everyone.
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  1. Wonderful post! There are so many people that are no-reply bloggers!

  2. Great post! I have been blogging for 1 year and didn't know about this statement. One month ago I learned about this. Let more people read this post and turn their statements.

  3. Testint. Testing. 1. 2. 3,

    Hi Daryl
    Connie would have received no-reply bloggers from me!
    Hopefully no more.
    There was a way to test-but my ISP at
    2300 Fri night emailed me to shift providers which had to be done by 6 Aug (Mon). By the 5th person and 50 minutes later - hoppefully resolved.

    Now hopefully, it is done because I certainly am
    LOL Susan

  4. Hi Daryl,
    Thank you so much for this very useful information, you are always so good about sharing info. Bobbie


Thank you so much for your comment. I appreciate every one. If you do not hear a reply back from me, it could be that you are a no-reply, or that Google/Blogger has changed something (again!) making it impossible to respond back to you. If you want a reply because you asked a question, please fill out the Contact Form located on the right side of the blog and I will respond to you that way. Thank you for stopping by! I was forced to add comment moderation due to huge number of SPAM!

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