Friday, August 17, 2012

Knit & Felted Purse

Today is hubby and my 32nd wedding anniversary. We are spending the day in Santa Fe at the annual outdoor Indian Market. So many beautiful works of art to see there. It's a great place to get inspired for doing future art projects. Then we will eat out at a restaurant for lunch. I'll have to tell you which restaurant later, as there are 3 we are still deciding on. Meanwhile, here is my latest finished project for  you to see.   
This is the bag and i-cord handles I knit before I felted them.

Here is the purse after I felted it. I added a stacked button and a pony tail elastic for the closure.
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  1. There are two things that I I want to tell you, first, happy wedding anniversary, I wish you to spend a wonderful day together with your husband, the second is that your knit and felted purse is beautiful!!!! I love it, is an original idea, I like the colors and shape. Thanks for sharing! Marisa.

  2. I love the colors and their blotchy blendy look! Happy Anniversary!

  3. Happy Anniversary!!! Great felted purse.

  4. Hi Darly:) Happy Anniversary and have an amazing day with hubby!!! The purse is lovely and great color, OMG! love the house quilt below very stunning:) Have a fantastic weekend and day with hubby!

  5. Happy Anniversary Darly. I'm sure you'll have a wonderful day. Make sure you take photos to blog about.
    Love your felted purse. They always look so different when finished.

  6. Well Happy Belated Anniversary. We celebrated our 34th 9/2.
    We are unique in today's world of divorce at the drop of a hat.
    Here's to many more years of togetherness. ;o)


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