Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Washable Markers to Mark a Quilt?

Washable markers on fabric.
I read on a blog recently (sorry can't remember which one...should remember to write these things down), where the woman used washable markers (the kind children use) to mark her quilt. She said the marker washed out. Well that sounded like a great idea, however I was going to do a test first to make sure the markers would wash out. After all, on the package of markers that I purchased, there was a disclaimer that some markers may leave a stain. Well of course that will not do when marking a precious quilt! So I grabbed a scrap of white fabric from my scrap bag and wrote all the colors down. There weren't any names or numbers listed on the markers, so I named them. Then I took a scrap of batting and placed it on the back of the fabric and quilted it.

After one washing this is how it looked. Most of the markers you could still see the color on the fabric. Some were very faint, but you could see it.

Only the following colors came out completely:
Light Blue, turquoise, light orange, yellow, lime green and one of the greens. I used Cra-Z-Art markers. Other brands may or may not wash out better than these.
I am sure if I washed it again, more of the colors that remained would either be completely washed out or they might be lighter. However, I do not think I will use washable markers to mark my quilt unless I absolutely knew they would wash out completely. Why take a chance?

***Note: I read that some of you said Crayola brand washable markers do wash out. So I tested the 8-color pack of Crayola brand markers and yes they all washed out! So I will only use Crayola brand. So much cheaper to buy a package of 8 washable markers than even one marking pen that are made for quilts. You know they can't cost that much more to manufacture those quilt markers. I'm always looking for easier, better, and cheaper ways to do things. Plus those quilt markers never even last that long, are hard some brands are so hard to even see. Now I have a rainbow of colors to choose from for marking. Thanks for all of you comments. I learn a lot from the comments made too.
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  1. Good idea Daryl. I'm with you on this one. It's a sure way to make a mess of a precious quilt if you're not sure the marker will disappear in the wash. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I never would have thought to use markers on a quilt unless I wanted permanent color. What is the purpose when you can use washable fabric markers MEANT to disappear? Just sayin...

  3. hi! you must have red the post of Jane at Jane's fabric. did you used crayola washable pen? Well i tried it too but for and embroidery pattern. was making a bluework and took a light blue pen..way better than the wood crayola i used before but didn't try to wash yet!... will give a try!

    but have to say... my boys used those pen and every color's gone after machine wash, even on white tshirt.

    have a beautiful day

  4. Yes, Daryl, the post was Jane's and she specified "Crayola" markers. But your test with these markers is a valuable bit of information for anyone else planning this. I most likely won't try this because I don't want everything I quilt to be washed immediately. I'm not a big fan of the really crinkly quilt look.

  5. Yes, great info and adding the caution to always test!
    Thanks for sharing your results.

  6. Hi Daryl, I was stopping by to say hi:) and let you know about our Stampin' Up! fabric being on sale for OMG! only $.99 I think it's a super buy and it's only while supplies last:) check it out and let me know what you think:)Chat soon.


  7. I've seen this recently also. Thank you for taking the time to test it for us! I would hate to leave stains on a quilt by using these!!! Why risk it?


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