Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Knit Shadow Scarf

I have been in a sewing/quilting slump for a while and just can't get motivated to sew at all. However, I have been doing some knitting and here is one I finished a few days ago.
This is a smaller version of the knit shadow shawl that I made a few years ago, and another one here that I made for my mother. This one is knit with 2 yarns a black yarn and a variegated alpaca yarn.
Little picots are knit along the edge.

Some readers have asked me where I got this pattern and I forgot to include the link, so here it is.
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  1. Love all your knitted projects the colours are so pretty. It's kind of hard looking at the photos at the moment though because it's hot and humid here. LOLLLLLL

  2. i have always loved this pattern, your colors are wonderful it really shows off the pattern. i also like the idea of making a smaller version.
    great job

  3. I love your scarf - very effective with the colour changes. Could you tell me where to get the pattern?


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