Friday, July 20, 2012

Hummingbird Quilt

I helped my daughter to make this quilt. She wanted to make her boyfriend a quilt and he likes hummingbirds, so I found a picture book from the library that had a hummingbird and used that as the inspiration. I showed my daughter how to do the fusible applique and how to do the blanket stitching around the applique shapes and the other embroidery touches. I showed her how to hand quilt and she wasn't thrilled with the quilting part. She did manage to quilt around each shape by hand. She wanted to echo quilt by hand a couple more times around the shapes, but didn't like doing it. So I offered to machine quilt the background instead. Then I sewed on the binding by machine and showed her how to sew the rest of the binding by hand. She did a little and didn't like doing that part either. Since I enjoy the hand sewing, I finished the binding for her or else she might have taken several hours to get it done. The photo here has the binding pinned on the back and not yet sewn in place. She enjoyed doing the blanket stitching the best. At least she understands how much work goes into making even a small quilt.

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  1. This quilt is beautiful, I like the colors. You and your daughter have done a beautiful job. I love it!

  2. Really beautiful. Great job by both of you.

  3. Beautiful joint effort. It's so nice to have a daughter that shares the same interest.

  4. OMG! this is so beautiful, my mom LOVES hummingbirds and she would love this quilt Daryl:)


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