Thursday, July 5, 2012

Knit and Felt Purse/Bag

My friend Tara came over a few days ago and brought me some yarn that she didn't want anymore. When I saw that this yarn that was actually a strand of brown yarn with flecks of colors in it and 2 strands of green yarn that she had wound up together into 3 balls, I thought I would knit a bag and then felt it. Here's the results. Thanks Tara for the yarn!
This is the bag after knitting and before felting, along with the i-cord handles.

I washed it twice through the washing machine to shrink is down to this size. I have a front loading washer too. So don't believe it when someone says you can't use a front loader as they claim that you need the top loading agitation to felt your wool, because yes a front loader works and I have felted many things in my front loader.

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  1. brilliant, i knew you would do something wonderful with the yarn. now that you have it all knitted up the color look great which is amazing because when you just looked at the skeins they didn't look this good.

  2. Really cute. I've never tried felting but would like to try it one day. Can you use any kink of wool?

  3. Hi Daryl:) OMG! love cute purse, the color of the yarn is so pretty and looks so soft!

  4. I just found your blog and I love everything you do. I love this felt bag, it's something I always wanted to try but I have not tried yet, thanks for the inspiration provided by your blog, now I'm following you!

  5. This sounds like something fun to learn!! I love the felted look!!!


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