Thursday, June 14, 2012

Corny Socks

I knit these socks with a yarn called Maizy. Maizy is a yarn made from corn fibers and blended with elastic. These are really a bright royal purple color, but that color purple always photographs more of blue-purple shade. I was going to provide a link to Maisy yarn, but when I looked it up online it said this yarn was being discontinued.
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  1. Great looking socks. I was tempted to buy the Maizy Sock yarn, but didn't. Yours are very nice.

  2. OMG!! these look amazing!! I so wish I could knit and sew like you Daryl!!!! So inspiring and thanks for the tutorial on sewing a zipper!!

  3. A lady of many talents. Someone will have nice warm feet this winter.

  4. What neat socks! You have so many different talents! You surely got more than your share when God was handing them out! VBG


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