Monday, June 11, 2012

More Scrap Bags

I made some more bags to hold my various scraps. I use the scraps to make the bags and then fill each bag with the type or color of scraps that I used. I made a label for each bag too that I printed using the computer printer. I finished these bags yesterday. Today I'll be working on my pink, purple, white/off-white bags, and a couple of small bags where I just used my scraps to make the bags. I'll post those tomorrow. I also came up with a slightly different way to sew the zippers, which is easier and better. I'll try and remember to take photos for a future tutorial for the zipper sewing. My previous bag posts are here and here. The tutorial is here.
This one is full of batik and handyed fabrics. So full I should have made the bag even larger than it is and it's pretty darn big already. Okay better get to work using more of these scraps.

Back of batik/handyed scrap bag.

See how full it is inside.

When I laid this bag down and because it's so full of scraps, I think it could actually double as a pillow in a pinch.

Here is the orange/rust & yellow/gold scrap bag.

Back of the bag.

I made this Mulitcolor Scrap Bag bag smaller, but it's stuffed full of scraps.

Back of the bag

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  1. You're amazing. I would so love to do a project like this just don't seem to have enough time. They are so pretty and much nicer than storing scraps in plastic containers.
    Love your labels too. Would love to learn how you did those. When you print with you printer doesn't the ink run when you wash them?

  2. Daryl, Love all the bags, so bright and colorful. Do you have a trick for doing the zippers? I can't always get them right.

  3. Your scrap bags full of scraps are adorable and functional.
    You'll have to share your zipper secret.

  4. These are adorable...I just read about them in your Think Christmas blog hop...sooo cool! I have tried everything for scraps and nothing seems to work...i love this idea and some day I will make some...really!


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