Friday, June 22, 2012

Quilted I-Pod Touch Case

I made my daughter a quilted case for her I-pod Touch. I don't own an I-pod, an I-Pad, an I-Phone or an I-I-I anything, so I went online to find what the I-Pod Touch measurements were and then came up with the size case I needed to make. I used scraps from my batik scrap bag mostly. She came over yesterday and I took her I-Pod Touch and put it inside the case and it fits perfectly.

I actually made 2 cases for her. I thought she could choose her favorite one or have them both. They were so easy to make and you know I needed to get rid of more scraps anyhow. But then she told me her boyfriend had given her an I-Phone to test out and while the phone was a bit thicker, it fit in the case too. So now she has a case for both, although I don't know if she will be keeping the phone one or not.

On the back of the case I added a loop so that she could slip in over a belt if she wears a belt. She could also attach a carabiner hook on the loop and then hook it through a belt loop or on her purse.

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  1. Those are beautiful and what a great project to get rid of any scrap fabric's!!

  2. They are lovely Daryl. Whenever I make something my daughter usually claims it when she comes. LOLL It's hard to get a collection together when she's around.

  3. Fantastic Daryl! It's funny my son requested one of these for his Ipod last night when I was making my makeup bags LOL!! He now thinks I'm a seamstress LOL!! Thank you for stopping by and checking out my very first sewing project:) Have a fantastic weekend!!

  4. Very nice, I don't I anything either. The younger generation seems to have it all, though many of them don't have jobs and still live at home with Mom and Dad, somehow that all seems very backward to me.

  5. Daryl, I love the I-Pod case. I really need to make one for my android phone, it always ends up in the bottom of my purse.


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