Sunday, April 29, 2012

Quilt Show Photos

Today was the annual local outdoor quilt show. There's always a breeze blowing and the sky is blue. I took photos of quilts at the show that I hadn't seen before.
This is my friend Tara's quilt. To see the whole show of quilt photos go to my Webshots album.
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  1. Beautiful quilts. I wish I could make quilts like that. Someday....

  2. Good photos. Looks like it was a nice show on a beautiful day.

  3. Tara's quilt is beautiful and thank you for sharing it with us!!!

  4. Congrats on winning Marcia's giveaway and for coming up with a great name for her green quilt.

  5. Glad it was such a beautiful day. Quilt shows are so much fun!


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