Thursday, April 26, 2012

Our Yucca Has Flowered

One of our yuccas started getting a flower, so I took a photo of it. These grow fast too. The Yucca flower is the state flower here in New Mexico. The flower kind of looks like a huge asparagus growing in this stage.

A few days later the flower started opening.

The flower is fully opened now. The flower will stay like this for a short while and then it's downhill from there as it will dry up and die. There are several yucca's flowering this spring around here. This is the first flower we've had on our yucca in the 10 years we've been in this house.
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  1. I have only ever seen a yucca in flower twice and they are absolutely beautiful. You're very lucky.

  2. SO cool. It reminds me of my Arizona and El Paso days. If I remember correctly, aren't the blossoms edible? Not that I would, but.... LOL

  3. How Cool is that??? I'd be excited too. Beautiful!

  4. Hi Daryl.
    I'm trying to catch up with all bloggie friends:) WOW! that's a beautiful yucca! OMG! loved your collapsable trash/thread collector!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  5. Wow, that is amazing. Can you get seeds from the flower after it dries up?

  6. Fantastic! It's a very impressive flower.


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