Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Another Collapsible Thread Catcher

Last month I showed my applique group the collapsible thread catcher I made. They wanted to make one too, so I taught the group how to make one. This is the one I made while I demonstrated the steps involved. For this one I sewed strips onto a muslin foundation and used it as my fabric.

Since the fabric strips I used were sewn on a diagonal, you can see the fabrics on this side of the thread catcher. (That black fabric was a scrap of some paint stick rubbings I had leftover from another project). I also used a metal ring on this one instead of a wooden embroidery hoop. It is the kind of metal ring typically used for macrame (I used to macrame back in the 70' I dating myself?)

This is the same thread catcher that I turned so you can see the other side.

Looking down into the thread catcher you can see the other fabrics that didn't end up on the outside of the thread catcher.

In it's collapsible position.
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  1. Very cute one! I need to get busy and try one of those. I used to macrame in the 70's too :)

  2. Oh I love thread catchers and I love this one, just wish I could learn to use them. At the moment my floor is my thread catcher even though I have one by my sewing machine. LOL

  3. If you're dating yourself, then I'm joining you! I too macramed. Even made a "curtain" to hang over a beside-the-front-door window. I had the knotting urge bad! So glad it's been replaced by quilting! Thanks for the peep at what you've been making.


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