Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Birdhouse Applique Block

My applique group is doing a Garden Theme this year and each month we work on a different block. This is my birdhouse block with the flowers. I will be adding hand embroidery details to this, but I wanted to show how it looked right now. I'm having fun working on the different blocks. This is actually a double sized block and all the blocks are different sizes. I am also working on a bird bath, a tree with fruit and the center block is a little garden scene. There are more blocks to come in the months ahead too. The ladies in the group are each adding their own touches to the blocks and so they will all be very different in the end.

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  1. Crazy about the background fabric on this one. I am not so good at applique, so I really admire your work. The garden theme is such a fun idea. Beautiful block!

  2. Love your birdhouse block. It is so colorful and cheery. Cindy Lou

  3. bravo, one of your best ever wall hangings. i love the tie dye background and the explosion of flowers and bugs.

  4. I can hear the birds singing...yep that's the mark of a true artist.

  5. Beautiful block! Love the cheery colors. This block could easily stand alone as a wall hanging it's so pretty.

  6. Daryl I recently saw this one up close that someone had stitched - or one very like it - and it was stunning. I'm so envious of those who applique such detailed pieces. I've done one or two but they are tedious and take so much time! I'm not very patient I'm afraid. :) blessings, marlene

  7. Love your Birdhouse block!
    Thanks for sharing at Minutes for Me Linky Party!
    Enjoy your day!


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