Monday, March 12, 2012

Storing Fabric Scraps

You can store fabric scraps in plastic food containers like this one here. Or in those zippered plastic bags that bed sheets come in. Or you can make a fabric bag to store them in and use up some fabric scraps in the process of making the bag. See the tutorial for how to make the bag.
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  1. Now that's a brilliant idea. Esp since it's clear. Do you keep them separated by color?

  2. lol..I was trying to figure out what kind of lettuce that was!

  3. That's a very good tutorial. I'm curious - how do you store the bags after they are filled?

  4. I have used those clear boxes for lots of different storage, too! Could mess with people putting green scraps in there....and leaving it in the kitchen!

  5. LOL I've been storing scraps in the peppermint candy tubs that we buy at Sam's for work. So my scraps smell good like peppermint.


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