Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Collapsible Thread Catcher

This is easy to make and very useful, especially if you go to classes or even if you sew in other rooms of the house and need a place to put all those snips of threads, fabric, yarn, etc. This was a free pdf online you can get here from Red Hen Fabrics.

 I did alter the circle size of the cardboard pieces because you either need to gather the fabric tube in order for it to fit to the cardboard pieces when you sew the pieces, OR draw the cardboard pieces using the outside measurement as I did. The instructions tell you to draw the inside ring measurement, plus it says to further reduce down an 1/8th inch from the inner circle and that causes you to have excess fabric to have to gather to make it fit. No mention of that, nor do the photos show excess fabric. Since it's cardboard I could gently bend it and insert it through the fabric tube using the larger size. I suppose the reason for the smaller size is so that the bottom piece fits into the ring when collapsed down. Where as mine sits on top. Not a big deal, but it made sewing around the cardboard to the fabric tube much easier without excess gathers in the fabric.
Here it is collapsed down. You twist it like you would when opening or closing a lid on a jar.

Untwist it and it stands up ready to hold your threads and snips of fabrics. Portable to go with you.
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  1. Yours is very cute! Some gals in our Modern Quilt Guild made them. It's the hot free tutorial now... or the "Love Bird" rice bags I recently blogged about.

  2. Hey Daryl, What a great idea!! There are so many things that you could use this for!! Thanks for sharing!! Karen♥

  3. Really cute! I'm not very good at sewing, but would love to learn someday.


  4. WOW! love the fabric you used and what a fantastic IDEA!! and your purse is lovely!! Enjoy your day Daryl!!

  5. I love this. I'm going to try it out..tonight!!

  6. These are soooo fun. I too think your fabric is perfect!


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