Monday, December 26, 2011

Armchair Sewing Caddy & Yarn

I made this armchair sewing caddy for my sister. I wrapped it in a pink & green paisley print totebag I made. I posted the photo of the totebag earlier this year in this posting:
She sent me this beautiful skein of Alpaca variegated yarn. Oh so soft! I am going to knit a scarf with this yarn.
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  1. Darling sewing caddy! Handy little tool to keep all your stuff close, and so nice not to have to stick pins and needles into the arm of your chair! I've done that before and forgotten to pick them up again...ouch!


  2. Years ago, I made a Hussaf, my first time with ribbon and thread embroidery, I was being teached by a friend.
    It is an armchair caddy, and my binding on it leaves a lot to be desired, I have thought of fixing it, but no, it is my first attempt and I am keeping it as is.


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