Friday, December 23, 2011

Sewing Machine Covers

I love the Ladies Series from blogger Carol at Mama CJT ( that I made 6 of the ladies and then made them into 2 sewing machine covers and a serger cover. I used one lady on each side of the covers. That way I can just grab one and place it over my machine and not have to be concerned with which side is the front side. I asked Carol for her permission to post these on my blog and she mostly graciously agreed. So please check out her blog to see the other ladies in the series. There are over a dozen ladies, so I had a hard time choosing just 6.
One side of my larger sewing machine cover.

This is the other side of the cover above.

This is a cover for my serger and I also made a serger litter bag to match. The tool organizer I made before ever deciding to make the covers, so the binding on that is a yellow and orange stripe. This lady looks a lot like my own mother! Even my daughter said it looked like Grandma.

This is the other side of the serger cover.
This is the cover for my computerized sewing machine.

This is the other side of the cover above.

Close-up of the lady on the above cover.
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  1. Three ladies from my imagination and 3 real ones....nice job! Your machines are all decked out now!

  2. Very cute! My favourite is the one on your computerised machine - I think I can see myself in her.

  3. These are just gorgeous!! Love these!! You are so creative.

  4. Cute.....I need machine covers. Time to get motivated! Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. wow, the ladies are so gorgeous, wonderful sewingmachinecovers.
    Your freemotion quilting ist perfect,
    I´m still learning *lol*
    Liebe Grüße

  6. Love them all. You're great inspiration. I just got my first sewing machine this past Christmas; time to put my baby to work.

    Thanks for sharing.



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