Monday, December 12, 2011

New Camera

I got this new camera last week. My old camera broke the hinge where the batteries are inserted and so I couldn't use the camera anymore. I researched Consumer's Reports and this Cannon was the top rated camera in the point-and-shoot variety. I like that it uses 2 AA batteries. For me that's a plus, but some people prefer the lithium batteries. It takes great photos and easy to use and so much quieter than my old camera, which sounded like a sick moose whenever I turned it on :0) So from now on my photos will be taken with this camera. I wonder if anyone will notice a difference? (The mug rugs below was taken with my old camera). I do have some photos I can't post yet, since they are gifts I made for friends and family. So you'll have to wait to see those. I am really liking this new camera a lot!
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