Thursday, May 9, 2024

Giant Pink Heart Quilt

I can finally share this quilt because it was received yesterday. I have been email pen pals with a young woman who is a wife and mother of young children, for about 3 months now. I won't tell you much other than to say she has a lot of stuff going on in her life and I felt compelled to do something for her, so what does a quilter do? Makes a quilt πŸ˜„! But rather than just send her a quilt, I got the idea to fill the box full of other sewing/quilting tools, patterns, fabric, handmade bags an baskets, etc. My friend, Julie gave me some things to help put in the box too. She was touched and loved the quilt (I am so happy about that) and all the other things too. So it made my day to help brighten her day! I let Julie know and she was pleased too.

She loves the color pink and I had seen this quilt online and wanted to make it, but I didn't have any larger floral prints like Kaffe Fasset designs, so I chose batik fabrics as I do have batiks. The look is a little different in batik fabrics. I had seen photos of several colorways of this quilt made and each colorway gave it a different look. I only saw kits sold and I wanted to use fabrics I had and not buy a kit. It was easy enough to make since it is squares and rectangles that make up the pinwheel-looking blocks. I just decided on the size square and went from there. It came out pretty large, 65" wide x 70" high. 

My Favorite Quilt Store sells the kits in a variety of colorways. Tickled Pink was one colorway that you can see here. If you scroll down in the link above, you will see other colorways and if you then use the right arrow to click on, you will see even more colorways. See how different the colors can change the look of this quilt? I do love Kaffe fabrics. Better use up what I have first before I go buying any more fabric though!

I called this Giant Pink Heart Quilt as I didn't know what else to name itπŸ˜‚! When my daughter was a little girl she named her stuff bear, Baby Bear. She had another bear she called Brown Bear. One doll was Big Doll, while her baby doll was, Baby Doll. Such original names! Ha!

Serpentine quilting stitch.

I used soft flannel for the back and used 2 flannel colors as I didn't have enough of either color that was large enough,

I quilted it trying to follow the direction of the  heart shape.

I need to start making a few more quilts to put into the gift shop as all the larger ones sold! I have 2 small wall dog quilts in the shop, but they are about placemat size. Funny how I couldn't sell the larger quilts years ago, only the small wall quilts. Now it has shifted to where the larger baby/lap size ones are selling. Who knows why? The good thing about making those larger quilts is that I can donate what doesn't sell. If those dogs don't sell, I might just sew them onto a quilt!

Happy quilt making or quilt snuggling! Hugs to you Samantha!!!

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  1. What a kind and thoughtful gift that was. Beautiful quilt.

  2. This is a great quilt - and of course I like the name!! My horses have names similar to how your daughter did it - Brownie, Red, Blackie haha!!! how sweet of you to make this and send it to brighten your friends day. She will feel that extra love every time she snuggles in it!

  3. Samantha BurnsideFriday, May 17, 2024

    Such a beautiful quilt.! My favorite quilt by far at this point. Perfect choices in everything I would say! ❤️πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

  4. Daryl, I love your Giant Pink Heart quilt!! Your daughter's names are cute. Sounds like my brother. A puppy adopted him and he called him Puppy. His name is still Puppy so many years later!

  5. the name is perfect and to the point! so glad to hear that your quilt are selling. you do such wonderful work and this is another great one.


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