Saturday, December 17, 2022

Table Top Ironing Board & Cover

My daughter had a full size ironing board and iron that I bought for her at a garage sale years ago. I noticed it was gone from her closet and thought maybe she donated it? I didn't see it in her usual giveaway spot. Then one day she mentioned someone had borrowed it and never returned it. She told me the reason she never asked for it back and I totally understood. 

I have seen ironing boards all the time at the thrift shops and thought if I find a good one, I will make a new cover for it and give her one of my small travel irons as she doesn't use an iron that often. The day I went to the thrift shop I saw 3 full sized boards and one table top board. I grabbed the table top board and put it in my shopping cart while I looked at the other ones. I tried opening and closing the full sized boards and I will tell you trying to close them was a pain in the you know what! Easy to open up, but on all the boards it wasn't clear where you pushed to close them! So that was enough to convince me the table top one was the best one to get. It's smaller, opens up and folds down so easily and can be placed on a table or the counter to use it.

It had a stained muslin cover that was very thin and a piece of thin foam under that. The board is wood. So I traced around the cover that came with the board onto the fabric I wanted to use to create a pattern. I also added Insul-Bright on top of the wood base instead of the foam and added the cover. I made it with a drawstring and drawstring plastic lock to keep it taught and in place. 

I took it over to my daughter's house with the iron and left it there. She asked if that was to replace the other one and I said yes. I told her about the difficulty closing the full sized boards and she liked the smaller board much better anyhow, which I thought she might.

So here is her new board and iron:
Looking through my fabrics to decide on what fabric to use that was large enough, I decided on this gingham in red & white. I thought it would look the best for an ironing board cover and I was right!

I got the travel irons years ago from someone that didn't want it. It is a Clover Brand iron. I have used it a few times and it is a nice iron. No steam either. That part on the front is actually a sprayer. There are no steam holes on the iron bottom, since it doesn't steam. I only use a spray/mist bottle and an iron myself, because irons just won't last if you put water in them for steam. They start to leak and they eventually start spitting out brown gunk that stains and ruins your clothing or fabric too! So I learned to never add water to an iron again! 

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  1. Annie (annie’s musings)Saturday, December 17, 2022

    What a cute little gift set for your daughters occasional needs to iron. I stopped putting water in my iron years ago. And the best spray bottle I’ve found was for paper crafts. Tim Holtz Distress Sprayer. I’ve one with my paper crafts and one with my sewing.

  2. you told me about not putting water in my iron a while ago and it was great advice. I think this is perfect for your daughters, great job as always.

  3. That is an awesome board and I love that small iron! I know your daughter will enjoy it when she has to iron because it is not so big and bulky like a regular board.


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