Sunday, April 19, 2020

Ugly Naked Guy Hobo Bag

I made this (small size) Ugly Naked Guy Hobo (Sincerely Jen Pattern) bag last month. You might be wondering about the odd name of this bag, well Jen the designer likes to name her bags after names or phrases from the sitcom Friends.  So if you were a Friends fan, then you might understand. Other bags she sells have names such as, Central Perk Cross Body, Phoebe Mini Backpack, How You Doin' Bowler Bag, and more.

Anyhow, I made the small version of the bag here. I will make the large version another day. I noticed there was only woven interfacing and not fleece or foam for the bag, so I asked in her Facebook group if anyone had used fleece or foam and some did use fleece, but the idea of the bag is to have a bit of a slouch to it, even though the photos I had seen didn't look slouchy. So I decided to add fusible fleece also to the bag. It had 2 layers of fusible woven interfacing already, so adding fleece on top of that really made a nice feeling bag. In fact, if I didn't have foam and wanted a bag to be able to stand up on it's own, I would use 2 layers of interfacing and a layer of fleece. So happy surprise there resulted in another option for my bag making.

I am sure the 2 layers of interfacing alone would have looked very nice, but looking at this style of bag, I just couldn't see it being slouchy for some reason. I really love the look of the bag and it went together fine. While this bag is a pretty good size, I think the large one would work better for me; because while I don't carry a lot of things, what I do carry are large items.

I really love this fabric combination and was disappointed that my stuff didn't fit into the bag as I wanted it to. So a large UNGH (Ugly Naked Guy Hobo) will be made sometime. But since I did love this exterior fabric combination, I am making another bag in the same fabrics, just a different style and different designer, so stay tuned for that to be finished.

The bag features a front zip pocket and a zippered closure.

I added purse feet to the bottom.

Back of the bag. I think I will add a pocket to the large size bag that I make next time.

Zipper closure.

Inside the front zip pocket.

A Zippered pocket and a slip pocket inside.

After dividing for a pen pocket on the left, I left the rest of the pocket larger and added a Kam snap too.
I will be selling this one in my Etsy Shop soon.
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  1. the Friends reference was lost on me, i never saw the show. i do like the bag and of course the batik is a great choice of fabric. i think it would be easier to sew without batting and just interfacing. you of course did an excellent job. Tara

  2. You do such beautiful work, Daryl!! I do love that fabric too. What line is that? Definitely my colors!!

  3. I agree those fabrics are delicious. You are a whiz at making bags!


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