Sunday, April 26, 2020

Pelican Tote

This is the Pelican Tote by Bagstock Designs. It can be made using foam or fleece so it stands up, or without either so it can fold up into a folding bag instead. I used foam and woven interfacing to make this Pelican Tote.

The Pelican Tote is a fun bag to make and it's a free pdf too!

I had some Tim Holtz fabric that I used for the center print of the bag, and then chose an orange/red and gray for the accent fabrics.

I like the zippered pocket on the outside of the bag.

The back of the bag.

I added my magnetic snaps directly to the interior of the bag and didn't add them on to tabs as the pattern instructed to do, although her way is perfectly fine to add tabs.

I divided a pen pocket onto the slip pocket and left the rest of the pocket large and added a Kam snap to close it, if needed.

A zipper pocket inside too.

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  1. Excellent selection of fabric on this tote. (That's one Tim Holtz selection that I don't have.) Love the gray accents.

  2. Love the Tim Holtz fabric running through this tote. And the gray accents.

  3. you inspire me again, i LOVE Tim Holtz fabric and you used it perfectly it really shows off the fun fabric. i like the size of the bag as well and that it stands up. i will at that to my long list of future projects.
    thank you

  4. Really a beauty with the Tim Holtz fabric! You are amazing with how professional your bags look.

  5. I can never think of anything new to say as you are the bag queen!! You just have the process down so well and do such a fantastic job.

  6. That looks fabulous and so professional!


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