Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Sunshine Bag Enlarged in Browns

This is the Sunshine (Cross Body) Bag that I enlarged (125%) and made with 2 straps instead of making it into a cross body bag. It's a Bagstock Design and the pdf is free for the regular size bag. I made other changes too as I will note on each photo.

The pattern calls for both the zippered pocket and the main zipper closure to be placed on the left side of the bag as you face it, but since I am right handed (as most people are), I prefer the zipper pulls on the right side as you face the bag; so that when worn on the right shoulder (or across the body on the right hip for the cross body version)the zipper pull is at the front of the bag and not behind me, making it easier to access what's inside.

I added 2 straps and 4 strap tabs that I riveted to the bag.

For a bit of bling, I sewed some gimp braid to the sides of the bag in a gold color that perfectly picks up the gold in the print.

I also added purse feet (not in the pdf instructions) in bronze color to match the rivet color. I added a stiff interfacing to the bottom also.

The back of the bag I added a slip pocket that I added a Kam snap so that it can be snapped closed. The top of the pocket is narrower than the bottom and it wouldn't work to divide this pocket as you wouldn't be able to put your hand into a divided pocket. That's why I used a snap so you can snap it closed.

See the Kam snap in the center of the pocket top?

Inside I also added a divided slip pocket, including a pen pocket.

There is also a zippered pocket inside.
I had been busy sewing cloth face masks for family, friends and neighbors the past couple of weeks, so now I want to get back to stitching my applique and bags for a while.

Stay healthy and safe my friends!
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  1. wow, really dramatic, love the fabrics and the added touches. i couldn't even imagine making something so complicated. i love how you changed it to fit you. i never came across anyone putting zippers in to favor us lefties. Besides your applique of your favorite cornflower i think you other signature is adding a pen pocket. LOVE it.

  2. That is one great looking bag - well done!

  3. Nice bag and I like the changes you made. Nice touch with the feet and braid.


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