Sunday, December 1, 2019

Name Tags I made for My Knitting Group and a Few Quilters too

A few years ago I made name tags for the stitching group I belong to (mostly knitters). As with most groups, we gained some new people to the group and some of the other women who used to come had moved away or stopped coming. The new ladies asked about the name tags they saw some of the other women wearing, and was told that I made them.

I wanted to make sure that these women would continue to come to the group before I made more name tags, because the first group of name tags I made, 2 of the ladies never came back and never got those name tags at all, so I didn't want to take the time and make them if they never returned. Since they inquired again about the name tags, I wrote down their names and decided I would make them name tags and while I was at it, I made myself a new name tag and I made some for a couple of my quilt friends too.

Here are the name tags I made. They are a necklace style with a pocket to hold your glasses or knitting tools like stitch markers or a cable needle, or a pen and a small pad of paper. I gave these out to the women a couple of months ago, except for 2 who weren't at the meeting.

This is my name tag.

I used double stacked buttons to attach the neck strap.

Tara is not part of the knitting group I belong to, even though she is a knitter, but is my friend from a quilt group we belong to. I added the Day of the Dead buttons on hers because she likes and buys fabric with that motif, but she took the buttons off for some reason. Had I known she would take the buttons off, I would have used other buttons. Oh well, it's her name tag and she has to be happy with it. I know she likes the name tag and has been wearing it.

I made Teri a name tag when I made the original name tags years ago, but I spelled her name incorrectly with 2 "r's" instead of one "r". So since I was making name tags already, I decided to make her a new one with her name spelled correctly. Even though Teri said she loved her name tag, I know only too well how people misspell my name all the time by spelling it with 2 "r's" instead of one "r' too. She wasn't at the meeting when I gave out the other name tags, so I hope she shows up in December.

I made this for my quilting friend who is a long arm quilter. We had a craft show at her home last week and I gave this to her a few weeks before we had the show. She said she loved it and really needed a name tag, but never got around to making one for herself. So I was glad it was a nice and useful gift to give her.

Helen wasn't at the meeting when I gave the others their name tags, so I hope she and Teri come to the December meeting.

I decided to make this name tag for a women in my quilt group who moved to another state. We all gave her batik fabrics (her favorite fabric and mine too), but I decided to make her a name tag in batik fabrics too (all these name tags were made using batik fabrics). I figured she would be joining a new quilt group where she moved to and might want a new name tag.

To show you the pocket from above.

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  1. LOVE MY NAME TAG i have coveted your name tag for years so i was delighted to get mine. You made me laugh about the day of the dead buttons. i only buy the fabric to make things for other people because its a popular motif here in New Mexico, personally its not my taste. That is why i took the buttons off. These name tag are perfect, they are the correct length, they have a pocket, they are easy to read and most of all they are so dang adorable. thank you i get compliments ever time i wear mine.

  2. Love the idea of using buttons for the name tags!! I try to have a new one as often as possible and this would make changing out the strap SEW much easier!! Do you have a tutorial for the name tags themselves? Love the pocket as I can keep business cards in there!!

  3. They are adorable! Our longarm group was supposed to make our own name tags a couple years go. I think only 1 or 2 gals did it. The rest of us were too busy, lazy or forgot till we got to the meeting!

  4. They are delightful! The same, but different! All those unique buttons really make them special. I need to make a new name tag. I like the necklace idea.


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