Friday, December 20, 2019

LED Arc Floor Lamp

I was contacted by Brightech and offered a lamp in exchange for a review and posting on social media. I had a choice of 5 styles of different lamps and I chose the LED Arc Floor Lamp.

When it arrived in the evening on Wednesday, Mr. P assembled it for me and put it in my sewing room. It is rather a large and impressive lamp, but with the arc of the lamp I knew that it would be good lightening over my sewing machine in the corner (where it's usually a bit dark). It illuminates that corner very nicely.

The lamp has a large heavy marble base and comes in 3 metal finishes for the pole. I chose the satin nickel finish. It has a push button switch on the cord that sits on the floor, so you can step on it to turn it on, however I plugged my lamp into a power strip. The arc can be pulled out all the way, or if you want less of an arc, not pulled out as much. Overall it is a very attractive looking lamp!

The lamp comes well packaged and shipping is free on any order from Brightech. The prices for all their lightening seems very reasonable, and when you go to their website you can click on pop ups for additional discounts. Below is the diagram with measurements of the Arc Floor  Lamp (photo from Brightech).

This lamp would look great in a living room. It is very sturdy and puts out a nice amount of illumination. The LED is a warm more yellow color, but the bulb can easily be replaced with a white daylight bulb if that is preferred.

Thank you Brightech for the lamp!
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  1. how nice, it would be a great lamp for me by my lounge chair where i sit and knit. thanks for the review.

  2. Lucky you!! That is a really big looking arc.


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