Monday, December 9, 2019

3 Small Diamond Pouches in Hot Air Balloon Fabric

A few months ago I made these Diamond Pouches in size small, using the last of this hot air balloon fabric. I used a different color accent and different linings for each bag. I though they would be  sell at the October and/or November craft show I did. one sold at the October show, but I still have 2 left. You can never tell what will be a good seller from year to year.

I made this bag before in small, medium and large. and I love how ingenious this bag is to sew together! It is unlike any bag I have ever sewn. It opens up nice and wide and you don't need a frame either. The linings fit so nice and snug (like all of Liz's bag patterns do) and you can add strap tabs and a strap if you want to make any of the sizes into a purse. No instructions to do the strap, but if you have some bag making experience, it wouldn't be  hard to do. I plan on making some more of these in all one fabric next time.

The pattern is a pdf from Liz of Moments by Liz and she is finally on Etsy, so you can find this pdf and all her other pdf's on Etsy.

Inside all the bags is a zippered pocket too. See how nice and wide this opens up?

This is the one that sold.

All 3 small Diamond Pouches.

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  1. The bag is beautiful! So sorry about your shoulder! Definitely take it easy so you can get back to doing the things you love.

  2. great use of the balloon fabric and i like the contrast with the other fabric. Overall nice job.


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