Thursday, May 30, 2019

Selvage Cross Body Bag

In April I was selling my bags at my quilt group's annual outdoor quilt show. A quilting friend saw a bag I made out of selvages (The Emma Bag) and she saw another bag (Serendipity Hip with a straight across top) and she asked me if I could make the Serendipity Hip bag, but with selvages. Of course I can. I emailed her photos of the original Serendipity Hip bag I made with the rounded top because I wanted to see if she preferred the rounded top or the straight top. She wanted the straight top. So I started making the selvage bag she requested.

It turned out really cute, even if I do say so. The bag is accented with black strap, strap tabs and bottom. I chose a nice color for the lining that went well with the selvages and even showed a peek of that fabric on the front of the bag as well.

This bag did get rather thick in places to sew with the selvages, and fleece, but my Brother PQ 1500S can handle those thick layers with ease.

Here she is:

After sewing on the accent bottom, my last selvage strip hardly showed. All you could see was a tiny bit of white and the white from the selvage strip above made a large white space there. So tiny buttons to the rescue! I sewed on these colorful tiny buttons here on the front and the back of the bag. The buttons look a bit like the round dots on some selvages indication the colors used in the fabric, so I thought it was a perfect addition.

Side of the bag. Also my handmade charm for the zipper pull.

Other side of the bag.

Inside the front pocket is a phone pocket within a larger slip pocket. This is located below the outside zipper pocket.

Back of the bag.

Closer look a the back. 

Inside I added the credit card pockets one side.

The other side of the lining has a zippered pocket. The instructions have you place the credit card pockets just under the zippered pocket, but I thought that made it a bit awkward to use, so I placed this pocket by itself and lowered it down a bit on the opposite side of the bag.
I am delivering this bag today to my friend. I sent her photos already and she said she loved it.
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  1. Super duper, Daryl! Always love the creative use of selvages. I wonder if the average person walking around knows about selvages or if (they) think they're just tiny strips of fabric?

  2. This selvedge bag is SO cute. I am partial to selvedges. I keep saving them. I finally had an inspiring idea for them but my laziness is keeping me from working on it. LOL.

  3. Love your selvedge bag, Daryl - clever use of the little buttons.

  4. LOVE it, the placement of the selvages is perfect i like how you can read some of them. the little buttons are adorable and of course the bag itself is fun and useful. great job all around.

  5. Oh this is so cute. Another of your creations that has inspired me. (Made Fiona's Freeway after seeing your bag.) I've been saving selvages waiting for a perfect project....I believe this is it. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Awesome! And to think we used to throw away the selvages! I know your friend will be thrilled.

  7. I love the addition of the credit card/business card pocket inside. And adding those tiny buttons-genius!

  8. Great job on the bag. Your friend is lucky to have you! Be prepared for everyone to ask her where she got it... :-)

  9. That is so cute! It's just the right size to read all the selvages too.


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