Monday, May 13, 2019

Cross Body Arabesque Bag in Blues

I made another Arabesque Bag (with a lot of my own modifications, or hacks as they are called) at 90% and this time I turned it into a cross body style bag. It can still be worn over the shoulder or adjusted to fit across the body. I am using this bag and it has been working out really well. Making this at 90% of the size is a good size for me as it's a bit smaller, but not too small. The 80% size I also make is a smaller bag, which a lot of woman love, but I need a bit more space for myself. I will be using this bag all day at the upcoming Fiber Arts Fiesta, so it will be nice to have a bag I can wear across my body and have my hands free to check out items at the vendor booths or take photos of quilts and knits and more.

I made another one in a cross body at 90% in browns that is for sale in my Etsy Shop. I will be making more of the cross body style and the shoulder style in all 3 sizes as this is a great style bag and sells well.

Inside is a slip pocket and a pen pocket and plenty of room for my sunglasses, reading glasses, wallet, coin purse and strawberry shopping bag (underneath).

The bag closes with a zipper.

I quilted the bag. I use a foam stabilizer, which gives the bag a nice feel and stands up nicely to keep the shape of the bag.
Bag is full of my belongings.
Back of bag where I added a zippered pocket. This is my own hack as the pattern has no exterior pockets at all, so I have been adding a zippered pocket to the back on all my Arabesque's that I make.
This bag has SOLD.

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  1. Love the cool blue shades of this one. That bag looks like it's really full, though! Do you really need all that stuff with you at a show? I thought for sure you'd be wearing one of your fancy vendor aprons.

  2. Another beauty, you are definitely the queen of bag making!

  3. Lovely! I’ll admit to being really partial to blue. The vivid blues you used are just gorgeous!


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