Monday, September 17, 2018

Brookfield Bag in Hot Air Balloon Fabric

The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta is almost here! Always starts the first Saturday in October and runs for 9 days. So to celebrate the annual event here, I made a few bags with hot air balloon fabric. I will post a different bag with hot air balloon fabric on my blog here a few times a week. I am also selling these bags, so contact me ASAP if you are interested in purchasing this or any others that I do post.

The bags will be added to my Etsy shop as time permits. Since it takes quite a bit of time to upload and write a description and answer all the questions Etsy asks, like the categories it should be placed in, the main color, keywords, etc., I would rather sell my bags and things here from my blog. I understand why they need to ask all that so it makes searching easier, but even so type in a few keywords on any subject on Etsy and you get a million or so hits and who has time to even look at all that? And since I post here anyway, I would much rather not have to spend the extra time to sell on Etsy, but it seems that in order to be a real shop, I must cave in and use Etsy to sell, even though this is a hobby, not a real business of mine. Time will tell if Etsy is worth the time or not. I opened Etsy way back in 2009 and didn't do well at all since you have to be known first in order to be found. So after blogging now for over 10 years, I am hoping I will be a bit more known in order to make a few sales. It's not about the money either, it's that I have to sew for my sanity and creativity, so it's my therapy really. And I don't have the room to keep all I make. I do donate quite a bit a year to various places as well. Okay enough about that and on with my bag!

This is the Brookfield Bag, (a free pattern from Sara Lawson of Sew Sweetness).  I made an adjustable strap so it can be worn on the shoulder or across the body. The bag closes with a flap tab and turn or twist lock closure.  Inside the bag is a slip pocket that I divided to include a pen pocket. It is a sweet small-medium size bag that measures 11" wide x 7" high (not including the straps). Made of 100% cotton fabric, woven fusible interfacing and fusible fleece. Metal rings, an adjustable slider, turn lock and rivets all add a nice silver accent to the bag.

The Hot Air balloon fabric is a digitally printed fabric so it really looks realistic.

Twist or turn lock closure.

Back of the Brookfield Bag.

Inside is a slip pocket with a pen pocket. Roomy for a smallish sized bag.
If you would like to purchase this Brookfield Bag before I add it to my Etsy shop, please email me ASAP. This bag has SOLD!
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  1. That is such a happy, happy fabric. Have I ever asked you if you've been up in a hot air balloon? In any case, even to see a bunch of balloons all getting ready to go up is a thrill. Nice job!

  2. The balloon festival is an event that I see many of our Airstream acquaintances attend. The photos of the festival are always amazing...quite like the bag you just posted. Your work is so professional, Daryl. I can't imagine that you will have any problem selling from your blog.

  3. perfect for our upcoming festival. your purse is a happy reminder of the balloon festival. it looks great and you did a great job as always.

  4. Daryl it is a gorgeous bag, that fabric is so fun. Some day we want to come to the festival, we love watching them and we used to see a few here when we lived in town. But because we have so many trees we don't see them out here.

  5. Beautiful bag, Daryl! I happened upon the hot air balloons in Albuquerque one year when my assistant and I drove From AL to CO for a meeting, and then drove back home via New Mexico! It was beautiful. This bag reminds me of it! Great job!


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