Thursday, September 20, 2018

Brightech Magnifying Lamp Review

I was recently contacted by Brightech and asked if I would like to receive a lamp of my choice in exchange for a review on my blog. Yes please! 

I went to Brightech website to look around and I found that they have all kinds of lamps for the table, floor, ceiling and more and for nearly any room in the house. But I knew since I do a lot of sewing and knitting that having a lamp I could direct onto my work was important to me and as I am aging having a magnifier would be a nice addition too. I was thinking a floor lamp would work best for me so I could move it where I wanted it. I found a couple of lamps with magnifiers and not only were they floor lamps, but they were on a rolling base too, which is even better. I settled on choosing the LightView Pro XL Rolling Base lamp with the wider magnifier than the other one I looked at that had a magnifier.
The lamp reminds me a bit of those bright lamps that the dentists use. 

Brightech LightView Pro Xl Rolling Base. (Photo from Brightech)
The box arrived on Wednesday and it was a bit heavy. It was really well packed in a couple of boxes and Styrofoam boxes too. So that right off the bat impressed me. Call me weird, but I find a well packed box says a lot about a business and how they care about their product. (I have received items from several places over the years that were thrown into a shipping box with nothing to protect it.)

Weighted base with 6 rolling feet. (photo from Brightech)
Anyhow, back to the lamp. I recruited Mr. P. to help me put it together. Just put the straight pole into the rolling base with the washer and tighten. Add the lamp with the bending arm and tighten. Put the plug thingamabob into the lamp and plug it in. That was easy! The lamp wheels around on my hard floors with ease and I love how it is weighted so no chance of it tipping over. (Might not wheel as well on a carpeted floor?) The lamp turns on with an on/off button on top of the lamp head. The LED lighting is nice and bright. Flip the lamp lid up and bring the arm down to where you want it and you can see up to 225% magnification. Close the lid when you only want the light and not the magnification. So it's like getting 2 products in one. 

I tried the magnification by hand sewing a binding onto a potholder I was making and it's so nice to be able to see things up close. Can't say much for seeing how much dirt was under my fingernails though, lol!!!

Next, I tilted the magnifier head next and tried it with my knitting and oh my goodness I could see so clearly and my stitches were nice and large visually. It cut down on eye strain. I am loving this lamp!!! 

If you have been reading my blog for awhile, then you know I give my honest opinion about things whether I have been asked to review something or not. Haven't been asked to review things before now, but I do tend to tell you about patterns and products that I do use and the good and bad about them. I can honestly say this is a great lamp! I have purchased other lamps in the past that are another brand and were much more expensive than Brightech lamps are and I can tell you that Brightech is a much better deal for the money and the features they have than that other brand of lamps. The lamp I received is extremely well made. The only thing I find a bit tricky is when you want to tilt the head of the lamp up or down, you need to unscrew the clamp thingy (gosh I am technical!) and make sure you hold on to the head of the lamp well. It feels like it will fall off, but as soon as you tighten the thingy it is fine. Not a big deal, but the first time I did adjust it, I was concerned I broke it, because the weight of the head wants to fall down. Not much information came with the lamp other than the assembly page and I really needed that magnification to be able to read it clearly! There is a bit more information on the Brightech website about each lamp, so you will want to read about the lamps there.

Brightech lamps all seem so reasonably priced and they offer free shipping over $50. They have received a lot of great reviews on their site too. 

Brightech offered for me to become an affiliate too, so that means if you click on the links in this posting or on the bright yellow logo on the sidebar, I will earn a small amount if you buy from them, but it doesn't cost you any more at all. I have never earned money through an affiliate before, so it will be interesting to see if anyone buys a lamp from them sometime through the link on my blog (that's how they know you have been sent to them from me) and if you make a purchase or two, I thank you.
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  1. a good lamp is so important. That's great that they contacted you and with such a sweet offer and that you really like the product. I can't wait to see it and i love that its on wheels. last night i sewed two fabrics that i thought matched and sadly in the light of day they don't.

  2. Daryl Dear you always give the best reviews in your honesty and experience. This Brightech lamp looks looks like a great investment. Being able to see with good light and magnification is so very important. Falling into Autumn Bliss...<3


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