Tuesday, August 21, 2018

The Gracie Bags: 1 & 2

I had the pleasure of testing The Gracie Bag recently. Designed by Sammy Valencia of Shamballa Bags. Sammy is a newer designer and she sells her pdf patterns in both English and French versions.

Right away I knew I wanted to use some Frida Kahlo fabric for the front panel. It fit perfectly. I really love this bag! In fact I made 2 Frida versions of Gracie.

Here are my Gracie Bags, Frida Kahlo style!

Gracie has a zippered closure and I added a stacked button on the zipper tab for fun.

This is the back of Gracie. She has a pretty back, yes?

The zippered closure with a handmade charm.

Gracie is nice and roomy inside. See all the stuff she can hold. Plus there is a zippered pocket and a slip pocket too.

Next is Grace #2, another Frida on the front panel:

I made the top accent a different color on this Gracie and used a different Frida.

On the back of this one I added the accent and the tabs in the accent color.

A zippered pocket and a slip pocket inside. This one I didn't have a long enough zipper, so I added a magnetic snap closure and it is just as nice.

I should have dropped the snap down a bit more. Still it works well and I have been using this bag lately and love it.

I added the accent to the bottom of this one, mainly because I ran out of the other light fabric, lol!
Pop over to here to see all the tester Gracie Bags and to get the pattern. It's at a great price right now too!
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  1. Love the style. Love the fabrics. Love the button flower on the zipper tab.

  2. love the bag love the style. i was lucky enough to see it up close and personal and its even prettier in person. its a great size with love of ways to store things. the design really highlights Freda which is makes so classy.
    great job.

  3. Excellent choice of fabrics and showcase of Frido Kahlo panels. You always make the best bags. Fun stacked buttons on the zipper tag. <3

  4. The fabrics really make the projects stand out from the norm. I also like the slightly different take on "the usual" in terms of bag's basic design. (The only thing that might concern me is whether or not it's too deep? Have you used it?)


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