Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Pillow to Hold Kindle Tablet

I got an Amazon Kindle Fire tablet late last year. After holding it and using it, I found my hand and wrist started aching as there was not an easy way to to hold this tablet in either direction for very long. I thought about making a cover style book that I have seen on the internet to hold the tablet, but I thought I would have the same issues with holding it, unless I made the cover that could also stand to sit on the table, but that's not how I would be using this tablet. I got the tablet in the first place because I wasn't able to sit or stand for more than a few minutes when I had the very painful sciatica pain last year and thought I could use a tablet while lying in bed or in the recliner. As soon as I was able to sew, I made a pillow that would hold my tablet in place and that was more comfortable to sit in my lap as well as to hold on to the pillow. Since I have a tablet that is fuchsia and black, I used fuchsia and black scraps of fabric too. Here is the result and I really love using my tablet now.
This is a comfortable way to hold my Kindle Fire Tablet. I used elastic hair ties in the four corner to hold it in place.

Here is how it looks without the Kindle. The pillow I sewed log cabin style.

The back of the pillow is just a flap to easily insert the pillow form I made for this pillow. I can pop out the form and easily wash the cover this way. 

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  1. That's a really great idea for making your Kindle more enjoyable for yourself. Love the pillow matching your Fire.

  2. How fun to make a pillow/holder/rest for your tablet. I made a pillow very similar to this style for my brother-in-law to use for reading books. I like your use of elastic hair ties to add the pop of color. Great Project Dear...

  3. that is great, I love the simplicity and its perfectly functional. great idea and lovely colors.

  4. Like I always say, necessity is the mother of invention. Simple - and stylish - solution to a common problem. Too bad you didn't have sewing fairies to make it for you when you most needed it!


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