Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Coiled Bowls

I made some more coiled bowls. Some of these I didn't wrap in fabric. The bowls that are not wrapped in fabric turn out smaller, even though I used the same number of clothesline feet on some of these bowls. It's amazing how a thin amount of fabric wrapped around the cording makes the bowls larger. The natural rope bowls do finish a lot faster without having to wrap them in fabric. I like a natural bowl, but I do love the colorful ones too. Some of the natural bowls I used colored thread when sewing them. I also experimented with by adding some yarn to a natural bowl, which gave it a different look altogether.
I used a variegated thread to sew this bowl.

I added handles making this a small basket and used a turquoise thread.

I added a boucle yarn to this bowl.

Upside down to show the bottom of the bowl.
I added large beads for a handle on this small bowl.

This one is a larger and deeper bowl.

This one is all natural rope and thread color.

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  1. Your bowls are so very pretty. I love them all but the one with the handles is my favorite.

  2. All your bowls look great - spoilt for choice - but I loved the one with the boucle yarn, adding a lovely twist to the effect :)

  3. Daryl, your bowls are lovely. I do like the plain ones, I have done both fabric wrapped and plain. I especially like your one that looks like a tote bag. That would be really handy. Did that one use more than 100 feet?

  4. I love your coiled rope bowls and how you are experimenting with different colors and textiles. These newest are amazing. You are being very creative and the end results are stunning. Handles with buttons and wooden bead handles really make me smile. Fabulous February Dear...

  5. I love how you are willing to experiment, I would have never considered making them without fabric and yet I like how they look and the added color from the thread is very interesting. You push the boundaries.
    great job


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