Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Wine Cork Key Ring

I have been saving wine corks from Mr. P's wine for years and have quite a lot of corks. I have a Pinterest Board for what to do with wine corks too. When I saw several key rings made using wine corks, I thought I can do that! So I made myself a key ring. I made several more key rings, but haven't photographed them yet. I will try and sell those and see if they will sell. I will have several on hand gifts ready to give too. Since it's cork, it will float, unless there are too many heavy keys weighing it down, lol!!!

A few keys and plastic stuff like library cards, loyalty cards.

A cute little handbag/purse charm.

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  1. Cork floats - of course! I've been putting off getting the hubby an ugly and probably expensive marine keychain for his boat keys. Whatever I end up making won't be as nice as yours here (and won't need to be - LOL) but thanks for the idea. Great handbag charm, by the way.

  2. What! LOVE IT!!!!!! I have a whole basket full of corks....maybe I should not have admitted that outloud and in print!! LOL!!!

  3. Great Cork Key Ring. I bought one at a boutique to use as a sample so I could make them. I have only about a few hundred corks...after donating bags of them recently. I must check out your Pinterest Cork board for more ideas. Happy Cork Key Ring Selling Dear...

  4. Clever idea, Daryl. As Rochelle said, it'd also be good for a bag charm or zipper pull.

  5. very cute, I'll have to check out your Pinterest board. I'm curious what that top metal piece is that you put on top of the cork its perfect for your project.


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