Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Tutorial for Making a Zipper Pull With Beads & a Charm

I have had some requests for a tutorial on how I make my zipper pulls, so I will show you how through a series of photos. I was going to try and learn how to do a video tutorial, but I haven't had the time to even learn how to use the video yet.
I also have this free tutorial on Craftsy in pdf format, so that it is easier for you to download.

These zipper pulls add a nice touch for any bag that you make and are really useful too, especially for those zippers that do not have a large enough metal pull on them already.

Okay let's get started!
Here is an example of my beaded zipper pull with a charm.

First gather your supplies:
  • Eyepin (like a headpin only with a loop on the end for a charm); 2'' long or longer
  • Split ring (Whatever size you prefer) I use anything from a 5mm-12mm size)
  • 2 small glass beads (like seed beads)
  • 1 larger glass bead (still a small size, just larger than your seed beads)
  • 1 metal charm of your choice

Next gather your tools:
  • Flat tip pliers
  • Round tip pliers
  • Split ring Pliers

Take your round tip pliers and open the loop in your eyepin just large enough to place your charm through. With your flat tip pliers gently close the loop closed.

Place one of the smallest beads onto the wire, followed by your largest bead and then another small bead. You can of course add more beads to your liking.

With your round tip pliers, grab the wire close to the bead. The shape of the round tips are smaller at the tip and gradually get larger at the base. Where you place the wire on the tip will determine the size of  the loop you will make.

With your flat tip pliers grab the wire, while still holding the wire with the round tip pliers in your other hand, and start to twist the wire around the round tip pliers. I needed to take the photo with one hand, so I couldn't show you how both hands held different pliers here. Adjust the wire and the pliers as you twist the wire around into a loop.

Wrap the wire around and around close to the base of the bead. Be careful not to break or crack your glass bead as you twist the loop.

The loop has been twisted around and around until there is no more wire left to twist. Make sure the end is not sticking out. Give it a gentle squeeze with the flat tip pliers to push the wire end closer to the loop that you made.

Now you will need your split ring pliers and your split ring. Just as the name implies, you will be splitting your ring as in the photo above.

Once you split the ring open a bit, take your beaded unit and the split ring and insert the split ring into the loop of the beaded unit. Turn it around until the entire split ring it now on the loop of the beaded unit.

Still twisting the ring onto the beaded unit.

Now the split ring is looped into the loop of the beaded unit and your zipper pull is finished.

Using your split ring pliers again, split the ring and now insert it into the little metal opening on the zipper pull and twist it around until the split ring is completely on the zipper pull. Your beaded zipper pull with charm is now finished and a part of your beautiful bag.
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

© Patchouli Moon Studio 2016

No part of this tutorial may be copied or used in any format without my written consent. All rights reserved. -Daryl Perry

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  1. Great job on sharing your tutorial for these pretty zipper pulls. I always love how you add the details to your bags and wallets. I make mine the very same way. Embracing Creative Bliss...

  2. Thanks for showing how to make your zipper pulls, Daryl. I didn't even know there was such a thing as split ring pliers, so a very handy tutorial.

    1. I've showcased your wonderful tutorial today...

  3. Those split ring pliers certainly save the fingernails. I love these zipper pulls.

  4. I love how you add little decorations to your bags, so thanks for showing us how to do it. Very pretty!

  5. Your zipper pulls always add such a charming touch to your bags Daryl! Thank you for the tutorial. In all the time my kids and I made jewelry I never knew there were such things as split ring pliers. What a great tool that is!

  6. Thanks Daryl! This is wonderful. I went to make zipper pulls the other day and couldn't remember how. I am downloading your tutorial immediately!
    Pugs and kisses,

  7. Your zipper pulls are always a nice addition to your beautiful bags and I wondered how you make them. Now I know and I thank you for telling us. I will certainly try it. :-)
    Thank you for participating to my Fabric, Thread and Yarn link party. Have a good weekend!

  8. Harrumph I have those split ring pliers (I didn't know that's what they're called, lol) - so why have I been poking a seam ripper into my split rings FOR YEARS, to open them? This is a great tutorial - and the large clear photographs are a huge help - thank you! And thanks Pam for showcasing this great tutorial - I liiiiiiiiiike it :)

  9. Hi Daryl,
    I just found your tutorial! It's just great!
    I have a box of beads and bits, and amongst the bits are eyepins! Before I read your tutorial I had no idea what to do with an eyepin!
    Now I just need to find some tiny split rings and I'm in business!
    Thanks for the great instructions!
    Barbara x

  10. Hi Daryl! Thanks so much for this tutorial! I have been meaning to look it up -- and you popped up! Great. Love the photos and now feel comfortable making these for my bags. Thanks again, Beth in Dover DE

    1. Thank you Beth for your comment. You are welcome! Since you are a no-reply, I couldn't email you directly.

  11. Very nice tutorial! This is a great way to combine my love of sewing with beading. Well done! P.S. Blow a kiss to the Sandias from another New Mexican (who lives in CA). :)

  12. Thank you Becky! You are a no-reply (perhaps you have Google+ or don't have your email in your settings?), so I am replying here. I lived all over California as a child and young adult. The weather is perfect here now.


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