Sunday, June 19, 2016

Dollie Mini Cross Body Bag

The Dollie Mini Cross Body Bag is a free pattern by Swoon Patterns. I loved the shape and style of this little bag when I saw it, so I wanted to make one. You can make the accents in faux leather if you want. I thought I would give it a go in black faux leather for the accents. But when I sewed the tab piece onto the flap, the faux leather puckered and well needless to say, I ripped it out and used cotton fabric instead. I gave away the pieces of faux leather I had. No more faux leather for me! I much prefer sewing with cotton fabrics. I like that I can press the fabric too. I still used a black fabric for the accents and I love how this sweet little bag turned out.

Since this is a small bag, it can be made with just a little fabric and it sews together rather quickly too. This style and size bag would be perfect for a teen or a younger girl (you would need to shorten the strap for a young girl) too. It's great for when you don't want to carry a lot and want your hands free too. Thank you Swoon for this sweet pattern.

I used a decorative stitch down the middle of the strap and even got brave using a contrasting pink thread. I sewed the strap into the side top gusset instead of sewing strap tabs with rings on the sides.

This is a very small bag. Just large enough to hold a few essentials like a small wallet, phone & keys.

The back has a slip pocket.

Back slip pocket.

This bag has sold.
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  1. I like your color combination. the bright patterned fabric is so elegant the darker fabric really helps it pop nicely. Because the patterned fabric is so lovely I think I would have liked the long piece in the front to be a bit shorter so you can see more of the flower fabric.

  2. That's my kinda bag, small. Thanks for sharing the link.

  3. Love this version. Re: faux leather. I've sewn with some that I loved and others, like you, ditched. Of course, it could be a simple needle change needed...
    Have you tried the new cork fabrics? Seriously awesome.

  4. Lovely little bag. The handle does look rather long. I always enjoy how you change up patterns to suit your style and tastes. Lovely Dear...

  5. Really cute. This is on my to do list.

  6. Nice job! I really like the pocket on the back side. Thanks for directing to the free pattern.

  7. It's true that you were brave using that pink thread. The stitching is beautiful. :-) I find the back of the bag as beautiful as the front.


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