Monday, June 20, 2016

Lacy Knit Poncho

Remember a while back I showed you the knit shrug I made, but I didn't like how it fit me and I ripped it all out? Well that is the same yarn I used to knit this lacy poncho. I followed the instructions for this, but the neckline came out huge! Was it the yarn I used that made a difference? Who knows? I thought ugh, not again! I didn't want to rip this out because I liked the poncho, but with a neckline that was large enough to fit around an elephant, it wasn't going to stay on me. It was even too large to use as a skirt! So what to do? Since the top edge was crocheted, I decided to crochet a long chain and weave it through the neckline and then tie it in a bow in the front. Looks okay on my dress form here. I haven't actually worn it yet though, since the weather is too hot for wearing a poncho right now. I will wear it in the fall at least inside my house. It's such a lovely soft yarn (thank you Tara for the yarn).

The pattern was an easy knit and I don't know why the neck came out so large. I knit it on circular needles and I couldn't tell until I bound off the stitches, since they were all bunched up on the needle. If I crocheted more around the neck to cinch it in tighter, then the poncho would have grown in length and I didn't want that either. I am beginning to wonder if something is wrong with me or the patterns or the yarn? Everything looks great and just like the pattern, except for the huge neckline. Remember that Seinfeld episode with Elaine and her big head? Well even this poncho would fit over Elaine's big head without a problem, LOL!!!!!

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  1. I'm glad you finally got a happy project from that pretty yarn! You are always so clever to figure how to make things work. Loved the Seinfeld reference!!!

  2. I actually like it with your fix--the tie adds a cute ruffly effect that at the same time isn't too ruffly.

  3. This is starting to become really funny, isn't it? I think your solution will do fine and looks perfectly planned, but like you, I wonder about why problems like this happen. Have you asked the pattern designer if this was indeed meant for those with large heads?? (BTW, George was also accused of having a big head when someone refused to lend him a cashmere sweater... remember that one? :-D )

  4. It is gorgeous, Daryl. I think you came up with the perfect solution.

    Yes, I remember the Seinfeld episode...too funny!

  5. the poncho looks beautiful and I think your solution worked. I'm not sure why it came out so large around the head. Since I've experienced so many problems with instructions lately I believe it was probably the pattern. You are an excellent knitter and I'm sure you followed the instructions exactly so its got to be the pattern. The yarn does look nice and I remember how soft it was. I hope you do get to wear it when the weather finally cools off. you did an great job.

  6. Hard to imagine you did anything wrong. I tend to think that beautiful yarn is just too soft and stretchy. I like your resolve and that you will be able to wear it come cooler weather.

  7. It may well be the yarn that created the problem. Yarns sometimes play tricks on us. But you've resolved the problem cleverly. It looks beautiful and very comfortable.


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