Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Knit Hat

I knit this hat using up some leftover wool yarn I had. I started knitting a ton of scarves using up novelty yarns (I have yet to photograph them, but soon) and plan on giving them to charity near the end of this year. I figured 2016 would be the year of the scarf for charity giving and then I would start knitting hats with other yarn I have in a variety of sizes. It would be a fun way to test out some hat patterns too. I didn't bother to knit gauge for this hat, because I figured it was bound to fit someone from child to adult. I am using the correct size knitting needles to yarn size, so that I won't be way off from gauge.

I haven't blocked this hat yet either. I thought I may as well wait until I have knit a few and block them at the same time. I found this Styrofoam head at a thrift store. I have been wanting something to photograph hats. I did notice that this Styrofoam head is smaller than a real human adult head. Now I hope that I can find something to photograph scarves better besides my dress form. That dress form is large and a bit of a pain to take outside to photograph things. But since I do have a ton of scarves to photograph, I may take the dress form outside to do a photo shoot one day soon, as long as it's not too windy.

I used 3 yarns. Started with the navy blue and then I switched to the dark gray and then the lighter gray at the top because I didn't have enough of the darker gray to finish the hat. I just love the tops of knit hats that have this swirling look in the decreases.

You can see the 3 yarn colors here. This hat also used a few different stitches, which was more fun to knit.
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  1. Hi Daryl - It actually gets cold enough for your beautiful knit hats & scarves there in New Mexico?
    We live near Lake Ontario in NYS and it's (snow) coming down pretty good today! ...still lovin' my Bernina Record! Jackie

  2. Congratulations Dear! Your scarves for charity will be so well received. How fun to knit hats and try out new patterns while using your yarns.

  3. Your idea to make hats for charity is a good one, its a great way to try out new patterns. I was surprised to read that you block your hats, I've rarely blocked any, I guess I just let my head stretch it to the correct size. Great job especially since this warm weather doesn't inspire us to knit warm clothing.

  4. This hat looks so warm! I've been looking up different charities that I can donate crochet hats and scarves to. I've found a couple, and I plan to donate soon!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ The Submarine Sunday Link Party

    1. Thank you Navy Wifey. You are a no-reply, so I couldn't email you directly.

  5. I also love your wavy top. And your leftover yarns made a gorgeous hat. I like how the blue line unites the two greys.


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