Saturday, February 13, 2016

Creative & Functional Ways You Can Use Binder Clips

I just saw this video showing the top 15 ways to use binder clips. So much fun and so cheap too! You can buy the standard black larger size binder clips at the Dollar stores or if you want colors or prints the office supply stores have them in fun colors and even prints, although they will cost you more money. Or you can decorate them yourself using Washi Tape, Duct Tape prints, fancy papers or fabric and some Mod Podge to seal them. So many fun and useful ideas out there!

  1. Here is a link for 54 Uses for Binder Clips.
  2. Here are a dozen more uses for binder clips
  3. 16 more here.
And since I make a lot of handbags, check out these binder clip handbags that I found pinned on Pinterest:
From Pinterest: little handbags made from binder clips! So cute.

I have started a Pinterest Board for Binder Clips after seeing so many useful and fun ideas.
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  1. Thanks for sharing! Some I've seen before but they were many that were new to me.

  2. This is a fun post! Some new ideas for me here. I am surrounded by binder clips. Right now I have two floating around on top of my desk, a few in the drawer. Several at work all around me. But where they are most helpful is keeping the flannel attached to my panel board that is my moveable and expandable quilt design wall.

  3. I saw and followed your Bnder Clip organization ideas. Now these little faux purses are too adorable.

  4. What fun! There are tons of great ideas here. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I saw that binder clip video too. Love the little purse clips.
    Thanks for sharing

  6. I'm a huge fan of binder clips! And yes, you think you've seen 'em all but there were a bunch of new ideas there, most notably those purses. In my sewing room, I have the extra large binder clips attached to the sides of my tall IKEA Billy bookshelf that I use to hang some of my bags. Another binder clip keeps the cord and plug for my iron easily accessible. Did you have a favourite use out of all those that you encountered?


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