Friday, January 15, 2016

Wool Sheep Gift Tag & Snowman

I made a sheep gift tag/ornament using some wool felt and appliqued it to a mitten shape. I put this tag on a gift bag of yarn. My knitting group does a yarn exchange every year and so I made this tag to add to the gift.
 I also made a little snowman using a sock and then knit him a hat and scarf. I added button eyes, a nose using rolled up fabric and sewed some star buttons on the front. I gave this snowman to the librarian in charge of the knitting group.
I added a couple of jingle bells to the scarf ends.
The snowman is filled with rice to weigh him down.
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  1. I love your little snowman dude. I just came back from a vacation in Mexico and experienced a fifty degree (Celcius!) shift in temperature when I landed and this guy is how I feel!

  2. these are very cute. I particularly like the tag idea. This would be a wonderful addition for a gift of yarn, the details make it so special. I love your small stitches and the sheep is very sweet.

  3. Such cute projects. The tag is a great idea!

  4. What lovely ideas! I bet the recipients were really delighted with their gifts! Christine x

  5. Both of those items are really cute. What a great idea to add that sheep ornament to some wool.

  6. That's a beautiful tag! And the sheep on it is beautiful. Adding this tag to the basket is a lovely touch.
    The snowman is an handsome fellow. It must have been something, knitting such tiny hat and scarf. Beautifully done!

  7. I love the mitten gift tag! The little sheep on it is perfect for a knitter!

    The snowman you made is adorable.

    Thanks so much for linking up to last week's Stitchery Link Party! Aloha hugs!


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