Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sheet Music Make-Up Bag

I made this make-up bag for my daughter. I asked her what color fabric she wanted and she asked if I had sheet music or other musical fabric. I showed her what I had and she chose this fabric. I asked her what she wanted for a lining, and she said she wanted red or a burgundy color. I decided to reduce the Companion Carpet Bag pattern to a size that would fit the metal frame I had to use for this. While the Companion Carpet Bag uses an internal metal frame, I had an external kisslock metal sew-on purse frame, so I knew I would need to adjust the pattern for the frame to the bag I was making. I gave this to my daughter for Christmas with a few make-up items inside some of the pockets.
I wanted to add a bit of color on the outside, so I sewed a red binding to the top of the pockets on each side of the bag. The red is the same fabric as the lining fabric. I did the reverse on the inside pockets by sewing the sheet music fabric binding on the top of the interior pockets. Makes it easier to find the pockets that way too! LOL!! I added a beaded charm on the side of the bag. The charm is a hear that says, "Made With Love".

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  1. A sweet gift made to order! I imagine she loves it dearly. I always love the shock of black, white and red.

  2. Hello Daryl,
    Happy New Year my friend, I hope your year is off to a great one!! It's been a little busy for me with very little time to blog but I look forward to this year for more crafty time and time to visit my bloggie friends:) OMG! this is so so fabulous with the red/burgundy inside is fantastic. I'm sure she loved it. Enjoy the rest of this fine Sunday.

  3. Love it. The bit of added color is perfect. Sweet.

  4. Great gift and your added touches of binding the pockets really adds the drama.

  5. love it, the fabric is fun and the red peaking out is a perfect accent. This bags are so practical and lovely. Great job as always.

  6. So great! And using the Carpet Companion pattern with an external frame is a great idea. I wonder what's the size of the bag. It feels so good when you make someone a gift!!

  7. Wow, I could never confidently reduce the size of the carpet bag for a smaller frame! I am impressed, great work!! It is a great bag...good job Daryl and daughter!!

    From one bag lady to another!!


  8. First, thank you for participating in my link party. It's a pleasure to see you there!
    Second, this bag is gorgeous! The color of the fabric and the color of the frame are perfect together. So many pockets make the bag very practical and reversing the colors was clever. What a great gift to receive!

  9. What is it about text and music fabric that makes them so appealing? A lovely make up bag.

  10. Love this bag! I have tried once to make a bag using this type of hardware and didn't have any luck at all. I need to revisit the method of construction and see if I have a better go at it. Yours looks fantastic! I found you through France Nadeau's link up party.

    1. Thank you Jayne. Glad you stopped by. You are a no-reply, so I couldn't respond personally to you since I do not have your email.

  11. Oh, Daryl - I'll say it again, your daughter is one lucky girl to have a mom who can make such beautiful things for her! This colour combo goes straight to my own heart. Not only that, those "Mickey Mouse ear" closures on your metal frame add just the right touch. (And of course, no project is complete without a custom zipper pull from "the Queen"! LOL...)

  12. Beautiful Daryl! I really like the pockets on the inside. I made a couple small ones a couple years ago. Neat fabric!


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