Thursday, January 28, 2016

Desire to Inspire

I am featured today at Henry Glass & Company, Inc. for the Desire to Inspire Challenge that I recently participated in. Please hop on over to Henry Glass and see what I created with the fabric I was sent and read a little more about me. Thanks!
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  1. Read the interview. So nice to learn a bit about your beginning as a quilter. The banner is beautiful of course. You are an artist!!

  2. Hello, Daryl! I saw your banner and left a comment. Then I realised the comment was not on your blog. So, here it is:
    Your banner is beautiful, Daryl, and looks gorgeous against your blue wall. Your tiny crystals surely enhance the fabric beautifully. It was a very good idea to make a banner. I also loved reading about you and your beginnings at quilting. (I still trace around paper with a pencil and cut with scissors. lol )

  3. Great feature dear. I LOVE the Hanry Glass Patriotic Fabric Banner you created for their challenge. Congratulations!

  4. what a great article!!! Thanks for sharing your flag banner, its just great. you made every block pop in their own way. I am really enjoying seeing the different ways people use banners, this one is hung very nicely and of course your patchouli moon banner is wonderful.


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