Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Blogger Changes for GFC Followers

Hello my friends and followers. I read that Blogger was going to make some changes to GFC (Google Friend Connect) and only allow gmail followers now. This morning when I got on my blog I did notice that I had 13 fewer followers! Yikes, what happened? Then I remembered Blogger was making changes. About a year ago, I noticed followers who had Yahoo, MSN, Hotmail, etc. were able to make comments on my blog, but I had to read those comments directly from my blog, as they no longer were delivered into my email inbox. They weren't in my SPAM box either. The only comments that go to Spam now are no-reply comments. So if any of you fellow bloggers have noticed that you lost a lot of followers all at once, it's because of the changes to Blogger. If you did follow me by GFC, and Blogger removed you from my follower list, then I sincerely hope that you will follow me (or any other blogs you might have been following) by email or BlogLovin or whatever reader form that you prefer that is available. To make it easy for my followers, I do have a follow by email box on the right side and if you click on the BlogLovin woman, she will take you to BlogLovin where you can click to follow along on my creative adventure that way. If you are new to BlogLovin, you might enjoy seeing their format too. BlogLovin sends you email notification whenever a blog that you follow has posted, so you won't miss any of the blogs that you love.

I am not sure if those who have followed me without a gmail account will even know that I wrote this post? If they have removed all those followers, then they might start to wonder after weeks and months have passed why they hadn't seen a posting from those blogs that they were following. So I hope that those of you who do read this might let their friends who do not have gmail know about this change. Thank you so much.

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  1. Thank goodness! I had no idea about these changes, but I have about 50 fewer followers now than a couple weeks ago. I was wondering "What did I say?????" but now it makes sense.

  2. Yes, I have fewer followers as well. Honestly, Blogger / Google have been nothing but frustrating the last few years. I would love to find another user-friendly platform!

  3. Yep I lost a few also, but I still like blogger better than wordpress. Oh by the way I saw your desire to inspire on Henry Glass Website, Nice project!

  4. I lost a few too, changes....ugh! I still like blogger though.

  5. This is interesting. I'm not sure I understand it all. I do have a gmail account, but I don't like it and I don't use it. I prefer Yahoo.


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